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DigitalSphere is a content management system that lets you centrally control, manage and report on a network of digital media displays.
It is compatible with all screen sizes, from small instore displays to large outdoor digital billboards.

Cloud based systemDigitalSphere is developed for, and hosted in the cloud. This means its always available and runs on any device with a web browser.

MODULAR DESIGNThe Digitalsphere client application is able to function as a standalone media player for a single electronic advertising display installation. As more displays are added, the centralized control portal can be added seamlessly to tie all the displays together for ease of management.

INFINITELY CUSTOMISABLEDigitalSphere is not an "off the shelf" software package. We work with your organization to customize it to fit in with your business processes and we provide you with the level of customization your require.


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SAFE AND SECUREDigitalSphere is hosted on secure servers with a rock solid Microsoft SQL server backend which means you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure at all times while still being always available.

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COMPLETE CONTROLA centralized online control portal means the system is very easy to use while still being able to scale up effectively. It offers a wide range of content delivery options including grouping media, date time specific play and customized overlays that can be displayed over your content.

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REPORTS AND DASHBOARDSDigitalSphere provides a host of reports including playcounts per advert, per display and per display group. It also alerts you to potential problems by monitoring the frequency of displays checking in with the server and alerting you immediately if one goes offline.